Right now I mostly study the production of place thinking about how state programs and policies influence the everyday and the vernacular, how communities can talk back to that through use and social reproduction alongside organizing, and then asking what are the methods that we can use to better understand these relationships.

I examine these broad questions through three main lens: housing, urban health and well-being, and immigration.

A self-declared methodological polyglot, I combine quantitative and qualitative spatial analysis with participant observation, visual (and sensory) studies, archival research, and participatory methods.

All of my work is strongly informed by both feminist and critical perspectives, and so praxis – bringing together ideas, and action – and a focus on using methods and technology to promote increased social justice are also important links between all of my research.

I am in the beginning stages of two projects focused on place, citizenship and the politics of intimate landscapes:

  • Migrants and Millennials – examining migration and citizen formation for young adults and international migrants in the Parkland Region in the Treaty 2 territory of Manitoba
  • Practicing Landscapes at Home – examining the impact of the ongoing drought, and new California policies on the environmental behaviours of a diverse set of households in Sacramento CA.

I am also continuing to collaborate on several projects examining the impact of increased access to and opportunities to produce well-being and environmental data.

Past research projects include:

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