I am an assistant professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University where I teach environmental studies, planning and research methods courses.

My research focuses on the politics of intimate environments and takes many loops and turns through questions around immigration, incorporation, citizenship and place, and environmental justice and urban health.

I try to use the right tools for the job, which might mean engaging with maps or stories, objects or numbers. The job, ps-by-the-way, being deepening understandings and supporting increased social justice, thriving and liberation.

Right now I’m trying to understand imbricated citizenship narratives and experiences on the Prairies, and the form and governance of digital landscapes. Thinking about sound as a spatial method, and possibilities for planning beyond mass incarceration.

Honoured to have been invited to think about Planning Futures? On Decolonial, Postcolonial, and Abolitionist Planning.

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