I am committed to encouraging student exploration, reflection and engagement through my teaching.

Exploration: Ideally students leaving my courses will be able to formulate stronger questions about their work and world/environment, have a broader sense of the possibilities for investigating or acting on those questions, and have gained new skills to carry out their investigations and actions.

Reflection: Additionally, I am committed to supporting students in incorporating their own experiences and knowledge into coursework, and promoting the co-creation of knowledge in the classroom. I also encourage students to establish personalized learning goals to reflect the diversity of styles of learning, past experiences, and career and academic goals in any classroom.

Engagement: Finally, I am committed to the opportunities that flow out of opening the academy to the community, and believe that the best way to learn is usually to do. As such service and experiential learning are an important part of my teaching philosophy.


People, Places and Environments
2020 Reading List

Environmental Justice
Winter 2019 syllabus

City and Regional Planning
Fall 2019 syllabus

Environmental Impact Assessment
Winter 2019 syllabus

Community Participation, Design and Planning
Winter 2018 syllabus
Winter 2016 syllabus
Winter 2015 syllabus

Urban Design & Planning Studio

Methods in Design & Landscape Research: Community Participation
Winter 2018 syllabus
Winter 2016 syllabus
Spring 2014 syllabus

Quantitative Geography
Spring 2017 syllabus

Undergraduate Thesis Supervision
I am happy to support undergraduate students through the process of thesis research and writing. To see if I would be a good fit for your project feel free to get in touch with a short (~500 word) summary of the project you’re thinking about. In this summary please include ideas for the types of questions you are thinking about, what you hope to learn from the project (this might be specific information or new skills), and anything you’ve done to prepare for the work. Remember at this stage the questions in particular do not have to be totally resolved, so feel free to include loads of different ideas.

Graduate Student Supervision
I am happy to serve as supervisor or committee member for Master’s students, and participate on PhD committees where the projects centre around immigration and settlement, social planning, environmental justice, political geography, health geography, critical spatial statistics or (digital) geohumanities.


I will not be accepting new PhD students for supervision in the 2022/2023 academic year.

Ann Forsyth’s advice for students has some great tips for applying to grad school and demystifying the application process.

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