I study the politics of intimate environments including the production of place or thinking about how state programs and policies influence the everyday and the vernacular, how communities can talk back to that through use, narratives and social reproduction alongside organizing, and then asking what are the methods that we can use to better understand these relationships.

I examine these broad questions through a few main lens: citizenship, immigration and incorporation in place, and environmental justice and urban health.

A self-declared methodological polyglot, I combine quantitative and qualitative spatial analysis with participant observation, visual (and sensory) studies, archival research, and participatory methods.

All of my work is strongly informed by both feminist and critical perspectives, and so praxis – bringing together ideas, and action – and a focus on using methods and technology to promote increased social justice are also important links between all of my research.

See CV for publications, get in touch to access anything.

Planning for Abolition

What does abolition mean & need today?
What do urban planners know about the relationships between planning, policing and prisons?
How can planning support abolition presents and futures?

Planning Beyond Mass Incarceration (2020) JPER

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What does climate change look like in our everyday lives and what happens when we share what we see?

#OurChangingClimate (2019) GeoHumanities

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Rural Citizenship Formation

What does it mean to be and become a citizen for young adults and international migrants in the Parkland Region of Manitoba, hosted in Treaty 2 and Treaty 4 territories.

Rural Sound Space (2019) Sounding Place

Practicing Landscapes at Home

What are the environmental justice impacts of drought combined with urban mitigation and adaption policy?

Putting Youth on the Map

What are the tools we need to turn data into information that youth can use for action?

Using Geographic Information Systems to Compare the Density of Stores Selling Tobacco and Alcohol (2010) Tobacco Control

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